Summer camps

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Maker Sewing Camps held @ City Vacuum and Sewing in Shoreline

Choose your own curriculum in our maker themed sewing camps. Learn a strong foundation of basic sewing skills then Tinker and hack to make toys, clothes and crafts. We will use a variety of notions: bells, paint, ribbon, glue, buttons, embroidery, googly eyes, lace, stamps, felting, and more.

Kids ages 8 and up welcome or by instructor approval.

Class size is small. Minimum 3 maximum 6

Cost $250


June  19-23       9-12  Early Start to Summer! Great for homeschoolers or private school students

June  26-30     1-4pm

July 10-14       1-4

July 17-21        9-12 or 1-4***

***This week of camp has an all day option. Students can take the morning camp, stay 12-1 and have lunch with the instructor then take the afternoon camp 1-4 for an additional fee for the lunch hour. maximum time offered is 8:50am- 4:30


Questions Contact Beckie at

Tel: 206-229-2140

or register at